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Meet Abuja Base Edo Born Female Mechanical Engineer Irene Olorioke- Wilfred Jibril (Photos)

Exceptional Edo queen of Mechanical engineering in action

Meet Irene Olorioke, one of the best female mechanical engineer who specializes in the repair of all kind of automobiles.

Wilfred Jibril Wrote:
Irene Olorioke is a 2016 Mechanical Engineering Technology graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. An enterprising young lady who finds herself in a men’s world, Irene Olorioke, is accomplishing uncommon exploits in her chosen field of human endeavour.

On completing her National Diploma (ND) programme in Mechanical Engineering Technology, she had the opportunity of undergoing her one year mandatory Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) otherwise known as industrial training at a mechanic workshop. That was when she got her requisite practical exposure, which has today made her a hot cake.

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Irene and staffs
Irene and staffs

Thereafter, she enrolled for her Higher National Diploma (HND) programm in the same discipline and polytechnic and graduated in 2016. She served her fatherland between 2017 and 2018.
Rather than Irene Olorioke joining the labour market already bursting at the seams, she elected to be a job creator, ostensibly to demonstrate in practical terms the stuff she is made of as a worthy ambassador of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi.

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In an interview with The GLORY, Irene Olorioke enthused that she is performing exceptionally in the men’s world and that she is even outclassing and outshining them. According to her, her customers pay her above her charges because of her professional wizardry.
The Imoga, Edo State-born mechanical engineer operates a workshop in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. She plans to establish a state-of-the-art workshop in a bid to advance her career and create jobs for the unemployed youths in the country.

Irene working with diagnostic device
Irene working with a diagnostic device

She specialises in repairing German cars such as Mercedes Benz, Ford, Range Rover, Toyota and Honda, among others.
On the strategies she deploys in attracting and retaining her clients, she explained that she washes regularly cars whose owners don’t have the money to fix immediately, follow up on already fixed cars to ensure that any issue that arises is properly addressed and that she handles her customers’ cars with great care as if the cars are hers, among others.
The story of Irene Olorioke, once more, underscores the need for the Federal Government of Nigeria to take a cue from the exemplary policy of the Peoples Republic of China converting 600 of her universities to polytechnics in order to boost her technological breakthrough. Of course, that singular policy of China has catapulted the country to an enviable position as the second leading economy in the world after the United States of America.

Irene Olorioke
Irene Olorioke at her workshop

It is regrettable that till date, Nigeria has not realised the essence of polytechnic education, hence there is an age-old dichotomy between university graduates and their polytechnic counterparts in Nigeria. That explains why HND holders now enrol for what is called a top-up programme to address the issue.


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