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Northern Elders Forum Reacts To Locking Down Communities In The North Over Insecurity

Northern Elders Forum Reacts To Locking Down Communities In The North Over Insecurity
Northern Elders Forum

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has expressed that closing down correspondence and forcing curfews will intensify day to day environments in the northern locale.

Some state governments had closed down business sectors and schools as a component of endeavors to check uncertainty.

Review that the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) on Saturday had additionally trained all media communications organizations to close down their administrations in Zamfara over waiting uncertainty in the state.

NEF representative, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed while responding to the advancement by means of an assertion delivered on Sunday said the actions could encourage the crooks.

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“Northern Elders Forum is intently following the state of numerous Northern people group that have become especially defenseless against assaults and maltreatment by crooks, ruffians and related coordinated hoodlums,” the assertion peruses.

“Measures being taken by some State governments like suspension of week by week showcases, limitations discounted of petroleum, conclusion of schools and a few streets, curfews, development of dairy cattle and plans to confine correspondence will intensify the frantic states of living of numerous networks in the North.

“While it will be pointless to censure these actions without satisfactory information on their possibilities to assuage the distress under which individuals live, it is significant by the by to request that the people who have forces to force them likewise have clear thoughts over what they could accomplish and when.

These measures represent virtual economic and social lockdowns on people who had been at the mercy of criminals for a long time.

“Unless they are accompanied by an aggressive and effective assault on the banditry and kidnapping industry, they will merely add to the misery and hopelessness of our communities.

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“Worse, they could further embolden the bandit and the kidnappers when it becomes clear that governments and security agencies cannot go beyond lockdowns on communities.

“Communities themselves will lose even more faith in the capacity of the Nigerian State to respond to their desperate circumstances.”

He called on the federal government to assist states to relieve communities that are now living under additional pressure.

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