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Never Allow Desperation Makes You Give A Man Money To Marry You- Marriage Counselor Advises Ladies

Women Want Affection Not Sex, Women Who Beg Their Man For Sex Are Sick Dogs- Marriage Counselor Reveals
counselor frank edem adofoli

Social media counselor, Edem Adofoli has told women never to make a mistake of giving money to men to be used in marrying them.

Often times, some women out of desperation which they wrongly prescribe as love, dole out money to their broke partners to be used in marrying them.

However, the marriage counsellor thinks that’s wrong. In a new Facebook post, Counselor wrote

“There is nothing wrong helping people you love but there is everything wrong helping a man to marry you, it means he doesn’t have what it takes to marry you. After the marriage, do you expect him to be a full man or half man? Do you expect him to provide, since you are teaching him it is fine not to provide because you can do that?

Any woman who wants to end up together with the man she loves has to show him how to get her, but not to cheapen herself for him without letting him get her. The truth is, he might know your true value because he didn’t get you”.

Instead of putting your clothes in a bag for bride price, giving him money, clothing him, etc, rather motivate and pray for him to work and earn enough to do that. If he has to go to school and learn a new skill, let him do that.

“As least he will respect and value you when he is spending on you. No one wants to waste what he spends on. But it is easy to disrespect and waste what you didn’t spend on or work for.”


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