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If You Must Beg, Beg Government And Not Individuals- Emir Sanusi To Street Beggars

If You Must Beg, Beg Government And Not Individuals- Emir Sanusi To Street Beggars
If You Must Beg, Beg Government And Not Individuals- Emir Sanusi To Street Beggars

Emir Sanusi has asked parents to quit sending their youngsters to Almajiri schools, focusing on that kids could examine the Qur’an, at their schools and with the educators in their individual communities

The emir said that in the event that sending youngsters to such schools become vital, at that point guardians must send them with all the fundamental arrangements to guarantee their prosperity and government assistance. As indicated by him, it isn’t right for guardians to send their youngsters away without legitimate game plans and fundamental arrangement, as the kids will wind up asking for nourishment and contributions. Sanusi, who cited refrains from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, said whoever asks, would revive upon the arrival of judgment without substance all over. He, in this manner, asked spouses to consider it to be undeniable obligation to take care of their wives and kids enough all together for them not to turn to asking for charity and help from people or family members. “Asking is prohibited in Islam and on the off chance that you should ask for donations ask the administration not people or family members. “It is better for you to slice kindling and offer to procure a living than to ask. “The individuals who ask or look for help from people will be restored upon the arrival of judgment without meat/tissue on their appearances. “What’s more, on the off chance that you should ask, at that point ask the legislature not people or family members. This is on the grounds that they ought to be answerable for the government assistance and prosperity of residents. “People, family members or neighbors can help you as motions of benevolence and liberality, however that is redundant. “Along these lines, the individuals who are stating that asking isn’t denied in Islam are simply deceptive you,” Sanusi said. The emir, subsequently, encouraged government at all levels on social security programs so as to check such threats in the public arena. “Projects like money move and a lot more can help with handling these issue. In this way, we encourage the administration to continue the money move program and think of some more,” the emir said. Likewise talking, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, certified the emir, while noticing that no dad ought to send kids to Almajiri school without legitimate and sufficient arrangement for their prosperity. “For example, in Sokoto we worked more than 100 schools near Almajiri schools for such to learn at any rate ABCD and 1234. “Thus, we should change the framework so as to guarantee more promising time to come for our kids,” he said. Abubakar additionally asked the members to take information disclosed with all reality. Abubakar likewise encouraged them to process the issues talked about so as to think of approaches to sharpening the Almajirchi framework. The sultan said that he would join Sanusi and others in a coordinated effort with the inside in finding enduring answers for the issue. “As pioneers, I ask you to basically investigate what’s been examined and later concoct an enduring arrangement. “In any case, your answers ought to be diverted to us through your administration in light of the fact that the number is enormous, and for that it won’t be feasible for each and everybody of you to talk,” he said. In his comments, Sen. Sani Yeriman-Bakura and previous legislative leader of Zamfara state, called attention to that during his eight years as representative in the state, asking by such youngsters was halted. “As governments have frameworks to help ranchers and merchants, so we did in region of Almajiri schools. “No one asked during our eight years in office in Zamfara. This is on the grounds that we guaranteed that these youngsters were taken care of satisfactorily and that is the thing that halted them asking. “Truth be told, toward the finish of my residency, we left 150 tons of nourishment for such projects,” he said. Yariman-Bakura called attention to that if specialists would pay attention to their obligations, no parent would send their youngsters to different spots.


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